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Wash (Fast Version) - Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder is crazy. 


Box of Broken Shells- Coral and Oak

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On repeat today

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The Devil Came on Horseback.


Watched one of the most depressing and shocking documentaries I’ve ever seen.

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It took people this long to realize this shit was going on in the world? Invisible Children has been fighting this was since 2003, and now it’s finally getting some serious coverage.

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Reel Around The Fountain - The Smiths. 

You’re the bee’s knees.

But so am I.”

(This Is) The Dream of Evan And Chan | Ben Gibbard

"Your eyelashes tickled my neck
With every nervous blink
And it was perfect
Until the telephone started ringing, ringing, ringing
Ringing, ringing off …”

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Let’s Play Guitar In A Five Guitar Band | Minus The Bear

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i want to live in a small apartment in boston 

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